"Six years ago I came to Nanaimo because my life was in utter shambles due to addiction. I hit bottom and found myself completely empty and devoid of spirit. I chose to go to treatment in Nanaimo because a very close family friend had their brother go there and it changed his life for the better in a very dramatic way.

When I arrived to the treatment centre, I was placed with Terry as my counsellor. My first impression was that he had a gentle nature which I could hear in his voice and see in his eyes. I felt immediately at ease with him. As my journey continued in the treatment centre, I saw how much Terry truly cared, not just for me, but for all the other patients in his care. He helped me break through some walls I thought I'd never overcome and he has the gift of real insight. He called me on my behaviors in such a way that I never once felt the need to fight him on it. He also had a big part in helping to heal the huge chasm my addiction caused between me and my family by means of conference call.

I have immense gratitude for Terry. He helped me start the process of rebuilding my life with a solid foundation of recovery by getting honest with myself and trusting in the process." – G.P.



"Terry was my counsellor in 2010. The work that he did with me was in depth and effective. I came into treatment a complete mess and Terry played a big role in my continued sobriety. Terry also facilitated some group therapy surrounding my history of unhealthy relationships. I have been sober since 2010 and would recommend Terry's services to anyone." – S.P.



"Terry was my counsellor in 2012. He was a huge support and continues to be a support in my recovery.  He was very persistent, and did not give up on me.  I struggled with anger, dishonesty, self-seeking behaviors and was very resistant to change.  He helped me break down the walls and begin the journey to find my true self that I hid from though many years of drug and alcohol abuse.  The life I have today would not be what it is if it wasn't for him.  Terry truly cares about his clients and takes pride in helping people get clean and sober and develop a life in recovery. Always thankful for you, Terry." - S.S.



"It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost five years since I had the pleasure of having Terry Ketteringham as my counsellor. I can truly say that without his help and guidance I would not have the productive addiction free life I have today. He not only supported and guided me through this most difficult time but he challenged me to believe I could make something out of my life.

Furthermore, he helped me to rebuild strong relationships with my family and become a self-sufficient member of society. I went from feeling hopeless to believing sobriety was possible for me. I’m grateful for his continued inspiration." - J.B.