Assessment and Treatment Planning

In all services provided by Breaking Chains Counselling, a rigorous assessment process will take place in order to determine the nature of your concerns and possibly uncover undiscovered areas of concern. A customized treatment plan will be developed with you in order to ensure that your goals will be met.


Recovery Coaching

There are a number of reasons why someone would require recovery coaching. Perhaps you are not in need of residential treatment and you require some guidance in managing some of life’s obstacles. Perhaps you are preparing to go to residential treatment and you need support in waiting to get into residential treatment. Or perhaps your residential treatment experience has come to an end and you recognize that you need more intensive support. Recovery coaching through Breaking Chains Counselling will provide you with the guidance, support, practice and encouragement you will need to take steps towards the change you want to make in your life.


Individual Counselling

Face to face counselling is offered in Nanaimo, but could be done on an outreach basis for special circumstances.


Couples/Family Counselling

Couples/Family counselling is offered in Nanaimo, but could be done on an outreach basis for special circumstances. When it comes to addiction/substance abuse, the impact on the family must not be forgotten. Everyone is involved in the “dance” that takes place when addiction rears its ugly head. Supporting everyone effected could be the difference between family harmony and a return to old patterns that contribute to the problem.



Due to the changing nature of our society, e-counselling has become a necessary treatment option. For many reasons, such as social anxiety, a need for privacy, scheduling and travel challenges, some people feel most comfortable with this option. This option is necessary for those people looking to access my services from other communities. This secure option can be facilitated based on your schedule and allows you to access Breaking Chains Counselling services from home, work and anywhere in the world where you have internet access. If you would like to learn more about the efficacy of e-counselling, click here.


Radical Exposure Tapping

Radical Exposure Tapping is a form of exposure therapy that can be used to quickly and effectively resolve memories of disturbing events that fuel PTSD, anxiety, fears, emotional reactivity and patterns of escalating conflict. This form of trauma therapy is performed over a few sessions after a thorough assessment has been completed to ensure that this is right for you.


Residential Treatment Preparation and Referral

For many people, the residential treatment experience is new and unknown. This can be a scary time for some people. Having an experienced guide through this process can be the difference between making a commitment to residential treatment and procrastinating on such a commitment or leaving treatment prematurely. People can expect to learn about the treatment experience and become prepared for the work that is ahead.

Some treatment centres are not the right fit for everyone. Internet searches can be confusing when choosing which treatment option is right for you. Completing a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan with Breaking Chains Counselling will help identify which treatment centres will meet your needs. When choosing a treatment centre, it is best to make an informed decision based on experience and knowledge of what each treatment centre offers. Some treatment centre websites are misleading or confusing.


Sober Escort

A sober escort through Breaking Chains Counselling can provide the supervision needed in a number of situations. For example, leading up to the intake day of a treatment centre, the addicted person may sabotage their chance of getting into treatment by using substances on the way to the treatment centre. In some cases, a treatment centre may not allow that person to attend treatment and they may be turned away. Having a sober escort will minimize that risk. Also because a person may have second thoughts about treatment when they are on route, a sober escort can help calm their nerves and reassure them as they make their journey to treatment.



Fee Structure

$100 / 50 minute session

$150 / couples or family session

Sober escort fees are negotiable

For those who qualify, there is a sliding scale for my services.